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When it comes to finding horse trailers for sale, you have endless options. So, how do you know which one to choose? MoveMyHorse can help.

We work with horse trailer dealers and individual sellers to collect the largest selection of new and used equipment nationwide. Browse our inventory to find both horse and livestock trailers for sale. We even offer a variety of cargo trailers for sale.

To get started, simply let us know what you’re looking for. Choose the trailer type, capacity, and hitch type you need. Then, we’ll sort through our inventory to find trailers that meet your specifications. Receive pricing and information on each of your matches for no cost.

Brown horse sticking his head out of a horse trailer

Horse Trailers for Sale

Need a horse trailer? Look no further than MoveMyHorse. We carry the largest collection of new and used horse trailers for sale nationwide.

We’re here to point you in the right direction. Consider the size and features you need before browsing. The average horse trailer is seven to eight feet tall inside. A seven-foot trailer can accommodate horses that are 16 hands in height. Of course, custom options are available.

Once you know what you need, fill out the short form at the top of the page. We’ll match you with horse trailers for sale. Access pricing and information on applicable listings. Compare options to find the perfect horse trailer for you.

We have horse trailers for sale to fit any use. Browse lightweight one-horse trailers for quick transportation to and from local shows. Search for a medium-sized trailer for multiple horses. Or, find a large horse trailer with living quarters, fully-equipped for overnight comfort. No matter what you need, we have you covered.

By comparing your options in one place, you’ll save time while finding the best price in your area. Want to save even more money? Opt for a used horse trailer to cut your upfront costs. Get started with MoveMyHorse today.

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White stock trailer parked in a dirt lot on a farm

Livestock Trailers for Sale

MoveMyHorse also carries a huge inventory of livestock trailers for sale. These trailers are often used to transport cattle, pigs, and farm animals.

Livestock trailers are very versatile. In fact, many horse owners invest in custom livestock models to move their horses. These options are generally cheaper than horse trailers. However, they are typically smaller, too. A standard livestock trailer is six and a half feet tall. Customized options are available.

A livestock trailer, also known as a stock trailer, has interior dividers, non-slip floors, interior padding, and other protective aspects for safe transportation. Consider what features you want from a stock trailer before you get started. Then, find high-quality livestock trailers for sale with MoveMyHorse.

Select the hitch type you need and indicate whether you’re looking for a new or used stock trailer. We’ll use that information to match you with some great options nearby. Compare pricing to find a livestock trailer that fits your needs.

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Small enclosed trailer sitting on a gravel road

Cargo Trailers for Sale

Cargo trailers have many uses. These multipurpose enclosed trailers can haul anything from saddles and animal feed to cars and equipment. Whether you’re traveling to an overnight horse show or moving to a new state, take advantage of the versatility of a cargo trailer.

Many people alter their cargo trailers to fit specific applications. Before browsing cargo trailers for sale, determine what you need. First, figure out how much weight your vehicle can handle. Be sure to factor in tongue weight, or the amount of force a trailer adds to your tow hitch.

Also, consider the body build and interior finish. The thicker the aluminum build, the more durable the enclosed trailer. The interior finish will also play a role in durability. Plywood is stronger and lasts longer than particleboard.

If you want a high-quality, reliable cargo trailer, use MoveMyHorse. We carry the largest inventory of cargo trailers for sale nationwide. Protect your money by investing in a quality enclosed trailer. Browse the largest nationwide inventory of cargo trailers for sale to find a good fit. Compare cargo trailer listings on your couch or on the road. Get started today.

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Used Horse Trailers for Sale

Whether you’re looking for a livestock, cargo, or horse trailer, quality matters. That’s why we pre-screen each of our partners to ensure that every listing on our site is worth the investment.

Want to save some money? Consider opting for a used horse trailer. MoveMyHorse carries tons of used horse trailers for sale that you can trust.

We hold used horse trailers to the same standard as new ones. Get the equipment you need and stay in budget. Use our free price comparison tool to find a great deal on a reliable used horse trailer.

Browse the largest inventory of durable used horse trailers. Save money without sacrificing quality. Compare used horse trailers for sale today.

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