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We are your source for free horse transport quotes from horse transporters in the USA and Canada.

Our network of transporters will customize a horse hauling quote for your needs. Special requests are encouraged, we know how important your horse is. Submit your quote request today to be contacted by a horse transportation company looking for your business.

Browse the MovemyHorse directory of horse boarding facilities in the USA and Canada. Browse by location to find the most convenient horse boarding stable for your trip or move. Our stable directory includes horse boarding facilities that specialize in overnight boarding and long-term homes for your horse.

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Why Choose MoveMyHorse?

MoveMyHorse was designed to help horse owners find safe, reliable and licensed horse transportation. Understanding that every horse is special and requires stress-free hauling, we intended to help by interjecting ourselves into the process. This helps horse transport companies and horse owners alike. MoveMyHorse provides owners with multiple quotes from competing haulers, which enables them to make an educated decision on their horse transport needs. Likewise, we help horse shipping companies by providing them with opportunities to bid on jobs they may not have been aware of. Horse haulers are generally in transit and have available space on their trailers for an additional horse or two. Our service enables them to fill their trailer while helping an owner safely move their horse. In essence, we become a marketing partner for all the haulers in our network.

We have also added some addition services to our website that will cater to the entire equine community. This includes equine medications, gear/apparel, and used horse trailers for sale. You can search and purchase our products online securely. We are dedicated to becoming the best equine resource the web has to offer and look forward to our sixth year of operations.

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