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What is the CVV or CVV2 Number?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express CVV2

The Card Security Code (CSC), sometimes called Card Verification Value or Code (CVV or CVC), is a security feature for credit card transactions, giving protection against credit card fraud.

  • Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards have a 3 digit code, called the "CVC2" (card validation code), "CVV2" (card verification value) and "Cardmember ID" respectively. It is not embossed like the card number, and is always the final group of numbers printed on the back signature panel of the card.
  • American Express cards have a 4 digit code printed on the front side of the card above the number, referred to as the "CID", or Card Identification Number. It is printed flat, not embossed like the card number.

Does MoveMyHorse.com transport horses?

No, MoveMyHorse.com is an online meeting place for horse owners to find horse transport companies and overnight or long-term horse boarding facilities. Your quote request submission is forwarded to horse transport companies that will contact your directly. MoveMyHorse.com does not provide brokering or escrow services and does not accept payment from horse owners.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription, please fill out the customer service request form and be sure to choose the "Cancel Transporter Subscription" option in the topics list. We will process your request right away.