New Jersey Horse Transport

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  • Black Oak Farm and Transport, Inc.: Egg Harbor, NJ

    Black Oak Farm and Transport, Inc. offers regular trips up and down the east coast to Florida and the Carolinas from New York, New England and canada. We are a NJ based company available for local and long distance horse transpotation.All of our equipment is custom built specifically for large breeds and set up for the most comfortable and stress free experience on the long haul. We have boxstalls available or extra wide stalls with lots of head room and plenty of ventilation. we can handle shipments of a single horse or up to eight at a time. Several trailers are available to fit your needs. Our team drivers will monitor your horse the entire trip using closed circuit video cameras with full color and sound. Let us know how we can serve you and your horses today. Thank You Area Served: Entire east coast, Florida to Canada

  • Arline Acres: Howell, NJ

    Owner operated, large trailer can accommodate draft horses up to 18.5h. Easy entry without ramp slight step up open stalling and box stalling is available. Hay and water is provided during all trips with regular stops to check on horses. Constant contact with shippers, we believe in staying in touch so you know where your horses are and how they are travelling. Area Served: Midwest to Eastern Coastline